Free Animal Entry Home Inspections
Inspection Report and Keys

Unfortunately most homeowners at one point or another will fall victim to unwanted animal entry and will need a home inspection.   The tell-tale signs of an unwanted animal include chewed food in the pantry, animal droppings on counters, chewing heard through the wall, and occasionally a bad smell is detected.  The good news is, many home inspectors offer free animal entry home inspections so that you can get to the root of the problem and solve the issue before it creates larger problems in your home.

What to Expect

Once you have secured an inspector to come and conduct a home inspection for unwanted pests, they will:

  • Search for cracks, gaps, and other potential access points for unwanted pests.
  • Can trap, remove, and relocate pests
  • Offer prevention services to keep future animals out

The very first thing an inspector will usually do is speak to the home owner about what they have seen or heard and discuss how long has it been going on.  From this important information an inspector can usually make an educated guess about what type of animal they are dealing with and can quickly find damage and create a plan of action.   Different animals will leave different signs and a qualified inspector will be able to use their knowledge base to accurately predict the animal to be dealt with.

How Animals Enter

Most animals will enter through small holes, gaps, or cracks in the outer walls.  Even the smallest holes can allow an animal to rip, tear, or chew their way further in.  Once inside they can cause serious damage to the home.  Including damage to walls, wood, and electrical wiring.  Electrical wiring is particularly hazardous and expensive as an electrician will most likely be required for repair.   The benefit of a home inspector is that they will find and alert you to any damage.  They do a thorough inspection including roofs, attic and crawl spaces so you may very well become aware of damage you didn’t know about and can solve the problem before it progresses.  Damage on the outside of the building is particularly harmful to the home structure as it can create an entry point for rain and moisture which can lead to rot requiring extensive repair.

To deal with pest control issues many homeowners will go to the store and purchase a few simple items to remove the unwanted animals.  While this is a viable option it does not offer the sense of security that a home inspection will.  A home inspector can alert you to damage you may not have been aware of,  and if there is electrical damage, this can save your home from a potential fire.  Furthermore, some pests are simply too large or dangerous to deal with on your own.  An inspector will have the experience to do the job.  They can trap and remove the animal without causing further damage or danger.  Contractors are trained to deal with these animals and it is best to leave the job to them.


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