Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing
Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

Everyone has the desire to clean their homes especially during spring time but cleaning doesn’t need to be all that difficult. Spring cleaning is simple but you can in fact miss out some areas in the home that you can often miss. So, what are the six areas in which you are missing during your cleaning sessions?

Ceiling Fan Blades

Your ceiling fans are one of the toughest spots to reach to in your home; however, these areas also harbor lots of dust and dirt! If you have ceiling fans in your home, you need to thoroughly clean these. To clean these blades, you should try to use a long duster to get to the dust from these areas. Of course, you could use a good extendable duster to reach the dust. You could even make your own DIY duster to get to these areas.

Picture Frames

You probably have a lot of picture frames in your home and it can be almost too easy for the dust to build up here. It can be so easy to miss the dust however especially if the pictures are hanging on the walls however, it can be so important to clean these frames up. All you need to do for these problems are to dampen a sponge and start wiping away.for more details on picture frames cleaning

Your Shower Heads

Cleaning the shower or bath can be really easy to do, however, the shower heads are often the areas in which you forget to clean. However, when you miss this area out, grim, dirt and awful debris can start building and growing here which you never want. So, when you clean the shower, take a while to really give a good clean at the shower head. If you take the time to sponge down the shower head, you will see it sparkling again.

Cleaning Tips: The 6 Spots You Might Be Missing

Your Faucets

One area you forget is the faucets. These areas are very easy to forget about because you think the water will wash away all of the grim around them however, it doesn’t. So, when you use the sink, give a quick wipe to the faucets and then give them a good wash with soap and water. It’s really this simple when it comes to cleaning your faucets and don’t forget to dry them! click here to read more information on cleaning Faucets

Stair Corners

Cleaning your stairs are probably something you do often, however, you can often miss out the corners of the stairs. Getting right into the corner and spaces between each stair can always get missed out. However, if you have hardwood flooring, the best thing you can do is to wash a good mix of water and vinegar and spray the solution over the entire staircase. This can really remove all dirt within seconds.

Underneath Your Rugs

Dirt and dust can always linger underneath your carpets and you often forget about these areas. Which becomes place home for the pests. Read more on home pest control tips .However, vacuuming underneath the rugs once or twice a week can really help to prevent the dust from foaming. This not only helps the carpet remain fresh but as good as new. Cleaning underneath the rugs is so simple.

No matter which area of the home you forget, it can be so simple to clean them. If you can get these tough areas, your home will look amazing and cleaning can be so simple when you put your mind to it.

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